Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Simple Pleasures of Life

He used to suck his thumb - not regularly, and for a very short while during his teething.
He was too fond of it, so much so that his thumb began to get marks. His paediatrician saw those and said we must relentlessly pull his hand out of his mouth, else he could get an upset stomach.
So as righteous parents, we became extra alert and got him mittens to cover his fingers. In fact we even discovered t-shirts that had extended sleeves which could be turned around to cover his hands. In response, our resourceful kid found a way to free just his thumb from the enclosure so that he could satisfy his cravings. The only thing left to do was keep pulling at his hands, and he made a game of it...we would pull, he would follow with a determined mouth, and smile at us whenever he would score.
Priya was discussing this with a friend who's son is almost the same age, and was doing the same thing. Their paediatrician had also told them to pull the thumb out, and all their tricks had not had any success either. Now, Priya's friend herself used to suck her thumb till she was in the 6th Standard, so I'm told. And she used to feel absolutely heartless that she is depriving her son of "such a tasty thing".
I found this very intriguing, and one day, when no one was looking, I sucked on his thumb.
That feeling...!!! was delicious, soooo delicious...oh-so-delicious...

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