Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Child is the Father of Man

Being a father is beyond anything I had imagined.
To see a young life take shape before your eyes, fills you with exhilaration, and fear.
When he copies every little thing that you do, its scary.
My little one makes me want to be a better person.

Kids are a clean slate, on which you write what you fervently hope are positive influences.
They are like sponge, forever absorbing everything.
They have sooo much to learn, everything around them is a new experience. They are on a constant voyage of discovery - a different texture here, a loud sound there, a new taste, a smell to remember...
And through all this, you pray that you are setting a good example.

The joys of fatherhood are many - he runs to you when you come back from office, he waits for you, listens to you, tells you about his day ( in babytalk ), brings you his problems ( mostly broken toys, or those with batteries gone dry ) and trusts you to make everything alright for him.
And they are completely aware that they have you all wrapped around their little finger.

Life is a miracle, and to see it bloom a little bit everyday, with you being completely responsible for it, and knowing that he is solely yours, is heavenly.

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